“ What training is provided for newly-hired graduates? ”

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to Megan C. Management Consultant - Products Talent & Organisation, Accenture

Management Consultant - Products Talent & Organisation, Accenture

This depends on your chosen career path. As part of the Analyst Consulting Group, I received two weeks of initial training where I was introduced to Accenture and began to develop my core consulting skills. After that induction, I have received several other training opportunities as my consulting skills progressed - from a week at our Consulting University in Madrid to a two-day course on Agile methodology and then to a week in Essex on communication and presentation skills. There are also many online training courses available, which are brilliant if you need immediate access to new skills and knowledge. We also offer training opportunities around our Inclusion & Diversity initiatives - meaning you can take short training courses on how to be a Mental Health Ally and an LGBT+ Ally - I couldn't recommend those enough!

Software Engineer, Accenture Technology

As part of the Technology Graduate schemes - Tech Arch, Business Integration or Application Development - I received 2 weeks of training on the software development lifecycle, AI, our technology vision, project management, DevOps and much more. The training was in Madrid and run by different faculty members where we were expected to present on 2 occasions (once per week) and given feedback on improvements. Over those 2 weeks, we also learnt about various Accenture platforms available to obtain any information/templates required for your projects.

After the 2 weeks training, depending on your career track (App dev, tech-arch or business integration), you may be subject to ongoing training such as Java or platforms (salesforce or oracle).
Over the course of your career, you'll have access to hundreds of training available and opportunities to register and attend, depending on your project skill need and availability.

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