“ What has been your experience of flexible working at Accenture? ”

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to Melanie E. HR Business Partner, Accenture

HR Business Partner, Accenture

I have had a really positive experience of flexible working at Accenture. I work three days a week (Mon to Wed) and am part of a successful job share partnership (she works Wed to Fri). I very much believe that I have a meaningful career and that I am able to progress on my terms. Since working part time I have been promoted twice & have been selected for various leadership training programs, so working part time hasn't held me back. I do genuinely feel really lucky to work here and be able to see myself climb the career ladder whilst also getting to spend the time I want with my sons.

Software Engineer, Accenture Technology

Depending on the projects and ways of working, I've had the option of working from home sometimes. Working in technology can mean your teams are co-located or offshore so it's often the case that you can work just as effectively remotely, as opposed to in the office/client site.
However, I have been on some projects where it's crucial to be in the office majority of times, if not all - to boost productivity and have face to face conversations.

In terms of working hours, I've been able to get into the office for 9-9:30 and leave by 5:30-6 depending on the workload. We're really given the responsibility of managing our own workload and time so you're able to be flexible with your hours - e.g. come in early, leave early.

Recruitment Specialist, Accenture UK

I only work four days a week due to personal commitments and know of plenty of others that work either part-time or from home certain days. Of course this will always be dependent on the demands of your role, the client or the project you are working on and you should let us know at the earliest point in the recruitment process if you have any specific needs that we can look at for you.

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