“ What has your experience been of the balance between project work and study? ”

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to Shajida A. Software Engineer, Accenture Technology

Software Engineer, Accenture Technology

My experience so far has been pretty good! I've been able to balance the two but only by prioritizing and asking for help when needed.

If you're like myself, and prefer to work over studying, doing assignments and exams - it's often hard to pull yourself away from work and prioritize studying.
However, understanding that you're here to build a career and obtain a qualification (degree) will naturally make you dedicate the time needed to study.

I've found apprentices that have made effective use of their time at university/training workshops, have not felt the pressure of a work-study balance as you're given the time you need to complete assignments or revise for exams.

Earlier on as an apprentice, I've had to take a step back from work and ask my managers for extra-time to work on my assignments, which they were very understanding about. But now, over the years I've learnt to manage my time and have found my balance between the two (every apprentice manages their time differently). I can proudly say, I haven't had to sacrifice much of my family/social life to balance work and study.

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