“ How do you get the knowledge to solve the issues of your clients? ”

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Hope to get to know more bout Accenture.
UK Business Operations Lead - Accenture Strategy, Accenture UKI

Hi there great question. The short answer is via lots of ways! The first part is to understand your client and what their issue actually is. Read-up on them (annual reports, industry or news articles etc.), know who their competitors are and how they are performing (is your client competitive in their industry or falling behind?), speak to your colleagues and of course to the client themselves. Once you have this context, Accenture also has a huge range of tools to help you gain the knowledge you need to best serve your client - this includes formal training, on-the-job learning, Accenture thought leadership, and established frameworks and methodologies to help you break down complex problems. Gaining this knowledge is a continual process that will continue all the way through your career - you will never stop learning!

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