“ Do you have any tips for the online test? I really want to pass it! ”

Mihir R. asked a question in topic Application Advice
to Luke M. Technology Degree Apprentice, Accenture

I am applying for a Digital and Technology Solutions apprenticeship at Accenture in London and am really keen about it. I even went to the evening in London about it! Do you have any tips for the online test section of the application? Thanks
Technology Degree Apprentice, Accenture

Hi Mihir, thanks for your question - it's great that you are so interested in the Accenture Apprenticeship!
Firstly, as you have probably already been told many times throughout your life, practice, practice, practice! This goes without saying, however it really does make a huge difference.
Aside from that, my main piece of advice is you need to demonstrate your passion for technology in each and every activity you do - this is KEY and applies to the interview/Assessment centre stages also. Additionally, with the online tests, note that you can do some, leave and return at another time to finish them - I advise taking your time and to task breaks between each test to clear your head and relax.
Hope this helps and best of luck!

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