Luke M.
Technology Degree Apprentice
Business Function Technology

About Luke

Key Experiences

Enjoying the wide variety of work on the Tech Degree Apprenticeship
2012 - Completed my A-levels in Maths, Physics and Business Studies.
2013-14 - As I was not ready to commit to 3+ years at university, I applied for (and was accepted onto) a gap year scheme at a rival technology company.
2016 - After working with Accenture employees during my gap year, I had heard of the amazing schemes they offered and thought I would give it a shot! September 2016 marked the beginning of my time on the Technology Degree Apprenticeship scheme (London). I'm now in my 3rd and final year of the scheme and have worked in a variety of roles, for a variety of clients, in a variety of locations around London. From writing robotic test scripts to running team/client design thinking sessions, it's been a scheme full of opportunities.

Current Position

I work on proof-of-concept projects as a Business Analyst
I'm currently working as part of an exciting innovation team who work on 6-8 week 'proof of concepts' (POC) - this means we get our hands on some of the latest and greatest technologies! Specifically, I work as a Business Analyst, which means it's my responsibility to work with the Product Owner and client stakeholders to ensure the solution delivered is what the client asked for, and that it solves the problems they currently face. I perform research on the 'current' user journey of an application or system and think how it could be made quicker, easier, or more enjoyable, and how our POC could help achieve those goals.
This also involves hosting 'Design Thinking' sessions for the team at the start of each POC to help ideate potential solutions, as well as documenting the use cases and pain points that our solution can solve from a business perspective.

Main Motivations

Taking part in exciting projects as part of an amazing innovation team
Working in an Innovation team allows for so much variety in my work, since every 6-8 weeks we transition into a new project. This means a new problem to solve, new technologies to work with and new stakeholders to engage with. The fast-paced way of working means you never (or very rarely!) feel bored and that there's always something new to learn.
Looking at the Degree Apprenticeship in general, I love that fact that Accenture sponsor my way through the degree (for obvious reasons!), as well as the fact that there's a great community of other Apprentices on the scheme.

Top Advice

Grab all the opportunities you can with both hands!
Regarding interview and application tips, my main advice would be to be yourself and remain friendly - interviewers employ people they would want to work with themselves, so enthusiasm and personality is key! Once successful, I advise taking as many opportunities as you can, though this is not always easy with a day job and university studies on the side. By following this rule as best as I could, I managed to win the 'London Apprentice of the Year' award for 2016-2017 and actually gained a place on all my projects purely through networking and speaking to people at events.

Greatest Achievement

Winning the London Apprentice of the Year award 2016-2017
Following a nomination from my Line Manager, my task at hand was to deliver a presentation to a judging panel, comprising of several Managing Directors and various other senior employees. The brief was concise, however I had to include any notable achievements in my role, my degree studies and any other Accenture activities I had been involved in. Some examples included my degree module grades, successful work I had produced for my project, as well as marketing and recruitment opportunities I had got stuck into, such as taking part in the Apprentice ‘Snapchat Takeover’ (which was such fun!).

My presentation ran smoothly and as I had practised, before it was time for the gruelling questioning section. There were several ‘generic’ questions such as “What advice would you give to new joiners at Accenture?” and “Where do you see yourself in x years’ time?”, followed by more difficult, technical questions relating to my project work.

I was thrilled to be given the award and it proved that hard work and success is eventually rewarded.

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