Marc R.
Recruitment Specialist

About Marc

Key Experiences

From studying & practising law to managing Accenture's NTC recruitment
I would say that resigning from my training contract and deciding to turn my back on a career in law would have to be the biggest move I have made. The reason behind this was just not enjoying the work or environment of the firm. I learned to never take a job or go for a career in something, solely for the money and to trust your gut (I resigned after only 6/7wks!).

I think next would be (and this is not just because I work here now) deciding to make the move to internal recruitment having come from an agency and joining Accenture. Though it is a very large and successful multinational company, it has a great feeling of inclusivity and you are never made to feel a small cog or overlooked at all.

Current Position

I manage the recruitment process for the Newcastle Technology Centre
I work closely with the Scheduling team here at the Newcastle Advanced Technology Centre (NTC for short) and manage the recruitment process for the tech demand that we have based out of the North East in Client Delivery and Operations. The type of roles I manage vary greatly from Software Developers, to Data Scientists and even Artificial Intelligence professionals. May sound a bit cheesy, but no two days are ever the same!

Main Motivations

Working with the internal stakeholders and making offers!

Top Advice

Be true to your personal values & make sure the company matches them
Work for a company with a great culture and a strong emphasis on having an open and diverse philosophy. Anyone can get a job and work for a paycheck, but to have a long career with a company I think it is vital that you feel like it is an open place to work with equal opportunities for all. It will not only help your career growth, but will make you grow as an individual too.

Greatest Achievement

Being the first member of my family to go to university
I come from a working class family and area of the UK (Hull or 'ull as the local calls it!) and was the first member of my family to go to university, where as I mentioned above I studied law for 4yrs attaining both my degree and LPC. My kid sister has now gone on to completely blow my academic performance out of the water with an award-winning, 1st class Master's attaining stint at uni, but I am still pretty proud of my achievement! :)

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