Marianne Lillian B.
Associate Director
Business Function Technology

About Marianne Lillian

Key Experiences

From not being able to turn on my laptop, to Technology Trailblazer
The first important career decision was choosing to be aligned to a new regional office. Edinburgh, which I now call home, is a fantastic office to grow your career at Accenture and I am very proud of the growth that we have achieved. I am part of the broader UK Technology family but also part of a vibrant local community, which is a great place to live and work.

I decided to move into a career in DevOps earlier this year as I am passionate about helping our clients with their technology journey and believe that this part of IES is a fundamental building block to supporting large scale transformation and pivoting in the new.

When I first joined Accenture on 6th Oct 2008 I was not very technical and I had trouble turning on my own laptop in the training. The coding we did in the first few days made me question my choice of career, however 10 years on I have had the most fantastic journey and enjoy introducing others through STEM and recruitment opportunities, to a career in Accenture Technology.

Current Position

I am the COO of our IES business in UKI
I have a few different hats that I wear in terms of my day job. Firstly I am the COO of the Intelligent Engineering Services business, which is a fantastic group of like-minded technology leaders who are trailblazing change for our clients across the UK business, enabling large scale transformation through embracing new IT and lean ways of working.

I am also the COO for our UKI Dev Ops business, which is a fantastic place to work and develop your technology skills. We have a fantastic team and leader and it's both a great place to grow as well as a rewarding group to be part of. I primarily support growing our business from a sales and headcount perspective, working with our Client Service Groups.

I am based in Accenture's Scotland office in Edinburgh and I am the business operations lead for the office, where I operate a client-facing Technology Experience Zone and work with local universities to ensure students understand the benefits and opportunities in a career in Technology.

Main Motivations

Being responsible for growing a part of our UKI Business
The team I am part of is supportive and enthusiastic and it makes the work that we do more enjoyable. The team we have is well positioned to grow our headcount and sales, but more importantly are focused on supporting our clients with long-term lasting relationships that will allow them not only to embrace technology today but continuously evolve and embrace the technological changes that are part of the world we now live in. The team I work with motivate me to do more and achieve new things.

Top Advice

Don't be scared to try new things
When I look at my career to date some of the most rewarding positions, opportunities, and clients I have worked with have been in the moments where I was most scared to take on what was being asked of me. Being a little bit out of your comfort zone all of the time is very important to your development, if you stop trying new things you stop learning and growing. I have always asked for opportunities and tried to take on the things that have worried me most so I could work towards a challenging goal. It's also ok to ask for help. I think it's hugely important to have a mentor as a sounding board, this has to be someone you trust and respect and can speak with openly and freely for advice or even just to have a moan from time to time. I would also say get involved in community activities and get to know the network in your DTE/Home Office/Project etc. Some of my best friends I have met at work and this was only possible by attending things I may feel I don't have time to do, or felt it would be easier to miss out and head home of an evening. Push your boundaries and great things will happen.

Greatest Achievement

Growing the Scotland business through Graduate Recruitment
I think the thing that shows the story of my career is the fact I was one of the first Analysts into the Accenture Scotland office, and now I help recruit the future generation of graduates and integrate them into our business. I have moved from being one of the graduates to being the business operations lead who helps define the business case for future recruits, and this has seen me help establish a more permanent physical base in the region that also hosts a technology experience zone for our client account teams and technology resources to collaborate and develop.

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