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About Megan

Key Experiences

From managing the classroom to Management Consulting.
My first important - and terrifying - career move was embarking on the Teach First Leadership Development Programme in 2014, and becoming a full time English Teacher in a Secondary School in Essex. It was the most rewarding and challenging two years of my life, which has left me with invaluable skills that have translated well into the professional world of Management Consulting - from learning how to effectively communicate and build trust with others to quickly adapting to last minute challenges.

After Teach First, I realised that I still wanted to work closely with people in rapidly changing environments, but I was keen to experience this in a more corporate setting with greater opportunity to travel. I joined Accenture in October 2016 and - several countries later - I haven't looked back since!

Current Position

I am leading Change Managment activities for a consumer goods company.
I am leading the Change Management activities with a global consumer goods client and their new Operating Model project - which is impacting hundreds of people both internally and externally. I ensure that the relevant stakeholders are being communicated to effectively and efficiently and I oversee the training activities; in short, my activities mean that the right people know the right things at the right time.

It's a lot of responsibility but I work with a fantastic team and no day is ever the same - not a day goes by where I don't learn and grow in some way!

Main Motivations

Working with incredibly intelligent people to solve tough problems.
I'm a total nerd and I love solving problems - from cryptic crosswords to communication strategies. I am surrounded by very intelligent people at Accenture and, when we collaborate, we bring the best ideas out of one another. Not only do we work to solve problems, but we do it in the most creative and fun way possible.

I take a lot of satisfaction in supporting stakeholders to travel from A to B - whether that's teaching 11 year olds to understand one of Shakespeare's plays to supporting my current client's employees to use a new process and/or system.

Top Advice

Everything that happens, happens to help you.
Find the positives in everything that you do. My greatest periods of growth, development and success have most often been preceded by growing pains, mistakes and failures - the inevitable stumbles in life provide the most amazing character building opportunities; embrace them!

When something doesn't go how you had planned - reflect, evaluate and learn from it. Then move on.

Learning from my setbacks and articulating my vulnerabilities is now one of my biggest strengths - which was a very tricky paradox for me to understand for a while. Try not to be afraid of failure (I'm still grappling with that one!).

Greatest Achievement

I met with our UK CEO to discuss LGBT+ women in the workplace.
Alongside my client work, I have the privilege of being Co-Lead for Accenture's UK Pride network - an award-winning network that represents our LGBT+ colleagues and our thousands of LGBT+ Allies. I was provided with the platform to write and publish a paper which explores the representation of LGBT+ women in the workplace, and then I discussed it in depth with our UK CEO. I had been at the company for less than two years when Accenture granted me with that amazing opportunity!

Accenture understands the importance of bringing your authentic self to work, and one of the many reasons why I love working at Accenture is because we live and breathe inclusion and diversity. The people who work at this company are constantly striving to make the workplace the best it can be for every person here, and that culture struck me even on my very first day.

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