Shajida A.
Software Engineer

About Shajida

Key Experiences

Studied A Levels and moved onto complete the Technology Apprenticeship
Completing the Movement to Work (work experience) with Accenture, which encouraged me to go on and apply for the Technology Degree apprenticeship programme, was my biggest career move as it's given me the platform that I have today and all the skills I've accumulated over the years. Learning at a fast pace and practically as opposed to from text books was what got me intrigued and excited about kickstarting my technology career.

Moving into the DevOps stream of work within Technology enabled me to gain various skills but also understand the role of all others within the development lifecycle. I moved into DevOps and Agile work because every day, I would find myself doing something different or learning something brand new.

Current Position

I design and automate development processes as a DevOps Engineer
My role can comprise creating build pipelines, automating deployments, running workshops on DevOps, scripting and setting-up tools, working as an Agile scrum master, managing deployments and more. I have been involved in these activities for large global client projects, across different industries including: banking, hospitality and internally for Accenture too.
Sometimes I would be responsible for overseeing the DevOps scope on projects and managing and delegating work to the rest of the DevOps team. I often have opportunities to work on various cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Bluemix Cloud.

Main Motivations

Being able to try many different roles at work with diverse groups
Over the past four years, I've been able to try various roles: business analyst, DevOps engineer, project manager, data reporting analyst, tester, developer etc. Being able to perform well in these very different roles would have been difficult if I hadn't received such a brilliant level of support from my team and managers. Working with people from different backgrounds and with various skills was a huge advantage as I was learning something new every day; about the project and my colleagues.
I think it's important to have fun while you're at work and to constantly be interested, which I get from working with different groups and on multiple projects - there's rarely a quiet day in the office!

Top Advice

Bring your authentic self to work and embrace any failures
My biggest fear when starting out as an Apprentice in Accenture was failure or not knowing everything. However, I've learned that failing multiple times in order to eventually succeed actually makes you better at what you set out to do than someone succeeding on their first attempt.
Also, asking questions and choosing your own mentors are key players in the progression of your career.

Greatest Achievement

At aged 19, I ran my first software project delivery
I was responsible for managing four apprentices and three contractors in delivering an internal ecommerce store for Accenture Digital to leverage all available digital assets and resources. Being fresh out of college meant I had tonnes to learn on the role and a lot of responsibility all at once.
Fortunately for me, with the help of my mentors, my team and I were able to deliver from our planning phases, through to go-live and maintenance. My role as a project manager also involved hands-on work such as some automation, defect fixes and integration to other Accenture services. I also implemented the release management process of the project and managed production deployments. The role got me nominated for Apprentice of the Year in 2016 and gave me a lot of exposure to the Digital/Technology Community in Accenture.

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